Resources for researchers

These pages contain a collection of information and tools for researchers interested in language attrition. Some of the information provided here, e.g. under Materials or Tools for data analysis, is designed to complement my textbook Language Attrition (Cambridge University Press, 2011).

25.06.2012: I’d like to thank Robert Vanderplank of Oxford University for his very kind review of this book, which appeared in Vol. 40(2) of System.

19.12.2012: I’d also like to thank Emanuel Bylund of Stockholm University for his equally kind review, which appeared in Language 88(4): 923-926.

26.1.2013: I’d also like to thank Gulizar Bahar Otcu-Grillman of Mercy College, Manhattan, for her equally kind review which was posted on the Linguist List, 24.1.2013, Vol. 24.460.