Below are the manuscript versions of a number of recent papers on language attrition. Note that these files do not contain potential corrections and changes that were made at proof stage. If you want to cite any of these papers, please refer to the published version. Should you not have access to these from your institution’s library, please contact me.

Language attrition timeline - Annotated bibliography: This is a piece that I originally wrote as a Timeline for Language Teaching. The finished version had become far too long, and was cut substantially before going into print (it is to be published in April 2016, in Vol. 49(2)). I decided to include it in full here in the hope that it may be useful to you.
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Note: this manuscript presents the test battery developed by the Graduate Network on Language Attrition, explaining some of the considerations underlying the choice and design of the tasks. A more comprehensive introduction to this test battery can be found in my 2011 book, Language Attrition (CUP).