Language Attrition Network

Welcome to the Language Attrition Network Page

This Autumn 2021 we are beginning with online reading groups with the following schedule:

22 October 13:00 BSTFirst Language Attrition as a Function of Age at Onset of Bilingualism: First Language Attainment of Turkish–English Bilinguals in the United KingdomKarayayla and Schmid, 2019
5 November 13:00 GMTA model for L1 grammatical attritionHicks & Domínguez, 2020
19 November 13:00 GMTLanguage attrition and the Competition ModelMacWhinney, 2019
3 December 13:00GMTAttrition and Reactivation of a Childhood Language: The Case of Returnee Heritage SpeakersCristina Flores, 2019

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